Acolyte Fight!

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Acolyte Fight is a magical multiplayer arena io game.  Shoot fireballs, swing your lightsaber, dodge meteors in this multiplayer arena. Defeat your enemies in a high-skill fast-paced battle of magic. Only the Acolyte who masters the art of aiming, dodging, anticipating and timing will be the last one standing. Find your perfect combination of the 30+ spells and rank up the leaderboard.
How to play:

Use the mouse to aim/move
Use the keyboard to cast spells

This is a skillshot game, good players can dodge every attack and aim towards where they anticipate their enemy will move.

Aim to where your enemy is going, not where they are.
Don't forget to dodge! Step to the side to avoid getting hit. Most spells are slow enough that they can be dodge entirely.
Choose your playstyle - knockback, damage, melee, lifesteal, etc. Find combinations of spells which work well together to support your build.

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