Airport Clash 3D

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Airport Clash 3D is a new outstanding action shooter. This is a game from the creators of Subway Clash 3D. In Airport Clash 3D you take control of a gang of raiders to capture an abandoned airport terminal form a rival gang.
Utilize some cool heavy weaponry like Gatling gun or Barret rifle to crush your opponents. Search for hidden weapons and various powerups across the map. Deliver a devastating blow to enemy lines by capturing a heavy nuke and transferring it to enemy base.
The map is huge, you can either choose fast ways to confront your enemy or search for secret routes, like ascending a broken plane wing to flank them.
With each fight won you can upgrade your hero to increase its devastating power. Don’t forget to invest some points into hero’s health to make him more bulletproof. Spend some more time to win outstanding face masks and put your name into high scores or unlock all achievements to satisfy your inner perfectionist.
Controls :
Movement : WASD or Arrows
Crouch : C
Jump : Space
Stats : TAB
Sniper zoom : Right Mouse Button

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