Sign in to rate this game is free iogame. This is a real live multiplayer, party game, inspired by a lot of different games and genres, jump into 10 player battle-royale action.
Responsive friend and party system, play with your friends in seconds!
Over 150+ Customizations available!
18 Different and unique maps
Quick matches, fast gameplay, different gamemodes and dont forget to collect AstroCoins found in maps!
Join our discord community to suggest updates, maps, gamemodes or simply to report a bug found in the game! and get rewarded by AstroCoins
• Discord server: (Active Developers)
Goal of the game is to end each game as a winner! survive or reach the finish line! Different rules and gameplay depending on the gamemode and map
Move your astronaut trough the map using W A S D keys
Push player by pressing E
Jump by clicking Space Bar
Look around by moving your mouse
Dont touch the moving wipers, balls or other obstacles that are sus, as you will be knocked out and will need to stand back up to continue moving!

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