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Avoids.io is a cooperative, multiplayer rogue-like io game. Be a hero as you travel through a harsh world, avoiding dangerous enemies and rescuing friends you make along the way. To strengthen yourself, use your two special abilities, ranging from invisibility to teleportation. For each world you defeat, unlock a new hero that will help to getting your name on the Hall of Fame, and if you do well enough, a gold crown!

How to Play Avoids

    Head right. Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Click to use Mouse movement
    Press Z and X to activate abilities 1 and 2. Or you can use J and K.
    Use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to upgrade your speed, energy, regeneration, ability 1, ability 2.
    This world has 40 areas. Reach the end and unlock new heroes. You must make an account to unlock heroes.

Additional How to Play Avoids

    The blue bar over your head is your energy. Pick Up Pellets to Gain Experience! If you collect enough pellets, you level up and get a point! Spend your points on upgrades (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Hover your cursor over the icons to see what abilities you can unlock! Touch dead players to rescue them! Press H to hide the hero info card. Press V to hide the chat. Press M to hide the map. Press G to change the map view. Hold shift to slow down.

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