Badminton Online

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Badminton Online is a free online sports game where you can play fast and fun badminton games with your friends. The game starts when two players enter to the game. The match end when one of the players score 5 points.
Keys to play:
[w] key to Jump
[a][d] keys to move the caracter.
[right click][left click] to throw the ball.
Move the mouse to aim.
How to play?:
The purpose of the game is to score 5 point against the rival. Use the left click or the right click to serve the ball. Use the mouse to aim and throw the ball (with the right/left click) in the best direction to win the point.
The characters are random. In each match, each player will have a random different caracter. The game randomize the badminton racket, the player skin, the player hair and the player clothes.

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