Boss Fights!

Sign in to rate this game is the ultimate fight between bosses in this strategy io game. What happens when you mix hordes of enemies with one never-ending boss battle? happens! In Boss Fights you will face wave after wave of enemies, all with their own particular brand and style of play. You must defeat them to proceed to the next wave of enemies. Each successive wave becomes more challenging but also adds more points to your final score. Your goal is to score more than anyone on the server so it is imperative that you kill, maintain, and survive!!!
In Boss Fights you will be able to find and keep a multitude of weapons and also craft weaposn. It depends on what you find and where you find and how you want to play. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. It will be up to you to determine your ultimate goal and overall fighting style.
Game Instructionsd / How to Play
Use WASD to move,
G to drop item
T to pick up item
B to buy item
P to craft item
L to level up item
K to kill yourself

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