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Bunk. Town is a free iogame. Welcome to a multiplayer survival game set in a town ravaged by a deadly pandemic. Your goal is to survive, earn enough money and hopefully get into the famous Bunkfort Bunker!
New players should earn money easily by picking up trash, or by killing chickens. With enough money, the player should head to the supermarket and get beverages and food he or she needs to survive. Strategies to earn more money include getting items to sell in map locations, fighting npcs, fighting other players. The map has various bosses you can fight to get special rare items.
CONTROLS: AWSD to move. Mouse Left Click to attack/use items.SPACE to dash. Q/E/Scroll to switch items. B to buy items. USE MOUSE to manage your items. Drag your mouse out of the inventory to drop the items you are holding.
HOW TO SAVE: The game autosaves your progress when you close the game! However, this save is only unique to your browser. If you would like to keep the same progress on different browsers, be sure to navigate to the Bunkfort Safes to save your items in a public safe, and retrieve it in the other browser!
IMPORTANT MAP LOCATIONS: Besides the Bunkfort Bunker located at the top-right corner of the map, there are various other important locations to know.
The SUPERMARKET is on the top-left side of the map, generally selling food and supplies at a low cost.
The HOSPITAL is located near the bottom-left of the map, where you can stay to heal from the virus.
Right above the hospital lays the BUNKFORT SAFES where you can save your items in a safe in case you have too many or would like to move to another browser.
The POLICE FORCE HQ is located at the right side of the map, but you can only get in with enough Vigilante Badges. These locations (and more) are depicted in the opened Town Map.
IMPORTANT ITEMS: There are 4 types of masks: SURGICAL MASK, n95 MASK, 3m RESPIRATOR and GAS MASK, each capable of preventing the infection of level 1, 2, 3 and 4 virus, respectively. VIGILANTE BADGES can be obtained by attacking criminals. However, these cannot be dropped from your inventory as they represent your reputation. If you die, your badges are lost.

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