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Castles is a free sandbox game. Jump on into this fun sandbox and do whatever you want.
Build, craft, and trade with friends from all over the world! is a building game with a lot of socializing.  Start in your realm, make all your own, then venture out to meet others!  Get help with your realm, or get friends to help you.  The only limit is your imagination!  While the main focus is building,
• Fun sandbox game: Make any construction you want: open world building, house building, or even mini castle building games and contests!
• Online play: play with people all around the world.
• 3D Free Camera: you control the camera!
• Customize your character: Boy, girl, and lots of dressing up with hats WINGS and more!
• Fresh Updates: New updates arrive all the time. From cars to pets!
Highlights:Incredible castles and realms in 3D
Decorate your character, use block building to make your realm and add furniture. Compete in large events with multiplayer building contests, fashion shows, and dress up games!
Add pets and create new realms for open world building events.
Have your pets follow you around, feed them, or just use them while you're block building your amazing realms!
Social game: make new friends
You start alone in your realm, but you can leave to make new friends, do some exploration, or even help friends with cooperative play! Online building games taken to the next level!
Create worlds and sell stuff
With, your imagination is the limit! As you gain MMO levels, you can buy and sell blocks, get dress up clothes, or even realms themselves. Open up a shop and sell stuff for profit!
Not in the creative mood?
That's okay because in, there is more than just world construction: free building contests, craft stuff, or compete in free parkour games online.
As one of the best building games out there, will amaze you as you embark on your open world mmo adventure! Castle building will never be quite the same! is from Cosmic Cow Games and is frequently updated.  It has a large community of helpful players and mods.  So if you have questions while playing, it's easy to ask someone and find help.  A lot of players open up shops to trade their way to the top by profiting. There are clans and lots of collaborative events that you can join- it's a very social game.  Another big feature is cars- often there are competitions where you can race your car against the clock and compete against other players.  There are also big events too, usually centering around the holidays.  Sometimes these evens are collecting and building things- other times they're contests.  Another favorite activity of players is farming.  You can plant seeds and watcht them grow- then harvest the seeds and to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!  You can earn better farming equipment, more crops, and even a combine to plow your fields a lot faster!  With so much to do, it's easy to get hooked on!
WASD moves your character.  Mouse button builds/breaks.  Q and E pan the camera.
Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys to move.

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