Sign in to rate this game is a Minecraft survival server .io game! The cave is a massive map filled with ores that you can mine. Collect gold to spend in the shop and get on the leaderboard. To fight other players, you can craft swords, bows, armor, TNT, and more. You can also farm, build a base, and sell items in the shop to protect your resources and gain more gold. Use mob spawners to collect items and XP, and spend your XP to enchant your items!

How to Play
Use WASD to move
Use numbers, scroll, or click your inventory to switch items
Press E to craft and open the shop
Press SHIFT to sneak
Press Q to drop single items, SHIFT + Q to drop a stack
Drop any inventory item by hovering over it and using Q or SHIFT + Q
Hold left click to break blocks with your pickaxe
Use left click to place blocks, shoot arrows, and hit players
Left click to drink stew and heal
Use left click to throw TNT, and use right click or Space bar to detonate it
Left click to shoot your grappling hook, right click or Space bar to pull yourself with it
Left click armor to equip it
right click or Space bar items on an enchantment table to enchant them
Drag inventory items to swap their positions Features
Having a lot of gold is the ultimate goal of You can collect gold by mining it in caves or using a gold generator. Gold is the value that decides your position on the leaderboard.
You can craft lots of items that can help you build a base. Bases are useful for protecting valuable items like gold generators. Reinforced obsidian is the central item for base building, allowing you to have walls that take a long time to break.
The farmable items of the game are saplings, which grow to become trees, and red/brown spores, which grow to become mushrooms. Farms are useful for having your own resources, but also for selling off extra items to the shop. You can make farmable items grow instantly by right clicking them with bones.
The currency of the shop is gold. You can sell up to 5 items at one time, and other players can buy their desired quantity of your item from the shop. The shop is very useful for getting items that you need, but also for collecting lots of gold by selling things.
The mobs of the game are zombies, skeletons, and spiders. They all have different abilities and behave slightly differently. They spawn next to mob spawners. You can get lots of important resources from mobs, such as bones or web, and you can also get XP from mobs.
XP is used to enchant items by right clicking them on an enchantment table. You can use up to 30 levels of XP at once, and more XP will give you better enchantments. Items have generic enchantments, such as sharpness for swords or efficiency for picks, but there are also special enchantments such as looting and fortune, among many others.
Teaming is allowed in, and there is a special item called a Team Stick which can help you work together with others. Hitting your teammate with the team stick will make your turrets ignore them, and it will also allow them to pass through your vault doors. If you hit one another with your team stick, you both are able to see one another on the minimap.
Special Blocks
Gold Generator
The gold generator spawns one gold ore adjacent to it every 60 seconds. Gold generators will always drop on the ground when broken, rather than going straight into a players inventory.
The turret shoots arrows at your nearest enemy. This includes players and mobs.
Vault Door
The vault door is a block that only you can pass through. It acts like a solid block for everyone else.
Projectiles can pass through barriers, but not players or mobs. This allows you to shoot arrows or throw TNT from a safer position. Strategy
Start off the game by finding wood, and collecting as much of it as possible. This will allow you to craft tools and weapons. Start searching for diamonds, so that you can mine faster and have better weapons and armor. Once you have plenty of resources, try to find a mob spawner and build a base near it. Start farming and build up your base by placing gold generators. Once you have a strong base, start killing mobs to gain XP, and enchant items in hopes of getting better armor and weapons. If you are satisfied with the strength of your armor and weapons, you can go off to find other players and raid their bases. As you do so, you will collect gold and resources to make yourself the #1 Miner!

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