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Craftnite is a .io game mixing Minecraft and Fortnite.
Take down other players to reach the #1 spot, win stairs and dynamites when you rekt other players. Headshots will give you more loot. Build stairs to reach high ground. Throw dynamite to destroy everything around! Farm trees to loot stairs. 
W: move forward
S: move backward
A: strafe left
D: strafe right
SPACE: jump
TAB: open inventory
1,2,3,4,5: switch item
You will spawn with a sniper, a pickaxe, 1 dynamite, and 20 stairs. Your goal is to hide as quick as possible to prevent other players to spot and shoot you. You have 2 choices: use the pickaxe to dig and hide into the ground, or build stairs to reach high ground.
If you use option #1, switch to the pickaxe using the numerical shortcut on your keyboard, or press TAB to open your inventory, and click on the pickaxe. Once you have it in your hands, aim and hit the blocks around you to destroy them and dig a nice hole or tunnel, but don't dig too far or you'll reach underwater! 
If you choose option #2, using the numerical shortcut on your keyboard, or press TAB to open your inventory, and click on the stairs. Once you have them in your hands, here's the trick to build nice stairs quickly: aim down a bit, hold LEFT-CLICK and SPACE at the same time, it will allow you to build stairs quickly and smoothly and climb them at the same time like in Fortnite. Once you reached high ground, switch back to your sniper and shoot players down to get point and loots.
Some players really like this one, get your first kill to loot a couple dynamites, and start shooting dynamites at everyone around you, every kill that you will get will give you more dynamites and so on. But make sure to not miss your targets, or you'll run out of explosive really quickly! Try to aim directly on the other players to blow them up and twice the loots! Build stairs to reach high ground and have a better view on the map, shoot dynamites everywhere you see a player hiding.
The sniper bullets are projectiles with travel time, keep this in mind if you shoot from far away
If you shoot stairs on other players, it will hurt them
Hold SPACE to climb moutains/stairs really fast and smoothly
Hit the chest or head of the players to do more damage
Hit headshots to get more loot
You can climb ladder in some buildings (hold SPACE)
Server will restart every few hours, when the map becomes too chaotic/destroyed
Falling will NOT hurt you
Fall damage
Bullet trails
Important: This game is a small experiment to test our new framework, please join our discord to give us a feedback on performance, mechanics, bugs etc.

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