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DarkNova.io is a team-based top-down shooter game set in space.
Join the red or blue team, battling to defend/steal the gem or planting/defusing the bomb. Of course, you can always just annihilate the enemy team as a path to victory. Score kills and secure team victories to get more cash to enable you to purchase different ships and modifications next round.
If you join mid round, you will be a spectator until the next round, but rounds go quickly! 
How to Play Dark Nova
At any time press 'H' to bring up the help menu. WASD moves your ship, and your ship aims toward your mouse pointer. (We highly recommend using a mouse and not a touch pad.) 
'P' opens the shop, only avaliable at the start of each round. (Hotkeys avaliable within the shop to help you shop quickly.)
'F11' is your browser hotkey to go full screen, which makes the game much more immersive, and will give you and edge. (If you are playing through a different website portal, you may want to skip over to www.darknova.io so that you can get a true fullscreen.) 
Dark Nova Strategy
If you die, you become a spectator for the rest of the round. Your life is valuable, so take care when you are assaulting the enemy team. Play as a team, or try to sneak up behind your enemy, staying in their blind spots.
If you are attacking, you don't have to kill their entire team, you just have to sneak in, get the gem, and return it to your base. ;)
Don't forget to buy ships that counter how the enemy is playing. Different ships work better on different maps. When you're low on money, hang back, and try to pick up different modifications dropped by dead players.

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