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Dungeonz.io is a free-for-all survivor io game where you must fight spooky creatures.
Enter a huge open world of monsters and adventure in this retro style MMORPG.
Train your stats and craft better gear to survive out in the wilderness.
Fight your way through mummies in pyramid crypts, and menacing vampires in their dark castle, to delve into perilous dungeons in search of riches and glory.
But be prepared! Once a dungeon has been entered, there are only two ways out, victory, or death…
Bring your friends along with you to clear dungeons as a party.
Your progress can be saved by using the continue code of your character (top right icon) to continue as that character later!
Move: WASD or arrow keys
Use/equip item: 1 to 0 number keys
Use equipped item: Left mouse click
Pick up item: E, or left mouse click on it
Drop item: Shift + 1 to 0 number keys, or drag and drop.
Rearrange items: Drag and drop
Chat: Enter (bottom left widget is global chat, via Discord)
You start with a number of respawn points.
Every time you die, you lose a respawn.
If you die with no respawns remaining, it is game over for you!
Gain extra respawns by finding respawn orbs.
Explore the land to gather materials to craft weapons, armour, tools and potions.
There are several crafting stations that can be used for different items. Simply walk into the crafting station to open the crafting panel. Any items in your inventory that can be used to craft another item at this station will show a blue up arrow button.
With a higher crafting stat (weaponry, armoury, toolery & potionry), the items you craft will last longer!
Items can be bought from NPC merchants in the main city, and around the world, for glory. Gain glory by doing most actions in the game, such as defeating enemies, completing tasks, gathering resources and beating dungeons.
Stand next to a merchant and click on them to open the shop panel.
The items that can be bought from merchants will always be of basic durability. Items crafted by other players will always be better than those bought from a shop, so make your own, or trade with other players!
Tasks are a set of small objectives to work towards during your adventures which give various rewards when complete.
Open the tasks panel in the top left to see your current tasks.
When a task is claimed, new tasks are added.
Join the community
The creator is usually available on the official Discord server. https://discord.gg/7wjyU7B 
Come say hi and say what you think of the game.
Learn more about the game on the official wiki. https://dungeonz.wikia.com

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