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EvoWars.io is a multiplayer survivor io game based on the concept of evolution.
Fight! Kill! Evolve!
Welcome to the massive Deathmatch arena or EvoWars.io! 
Each match you start as a simple caveman. With each level, your character grows and change the skin and the weapon! This is the evolution process. 
Keep in mind that the bigger you are, the slower you are! You can easily hunt smaller opponents but they are faster than you so be careful to not miss them at first strike as you may not have a chance for another one!
How to Play EvoWars.io
Move your mouse cursor around to move your character.
Left mouse button - attack
Right mouse button - speed boost (uses experience)
EvoWars.io Strategy
Keep in mind that being big lets you kill opponents easier, but also slows you down. Small heroes are fast and can be deadly to the big guys!
If you are still small, try to either focus on collectible orbs or get close to opponents very fast with speed boost.
If you are already big, try to not miss any hit, otherwise small enemy can appear next to you very fast.

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