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Exploder.io is a free IOGame. This game is a masterpiece of pixel-art and welcomes you ith open arms into a classic multiplayer game based on the classic Bomberman. It's focused on PvP. A player needs to survive on the maze-like map and fight other opponents and monsters around them. On the map, there are tons of power-ups to acquire and increase your chances of winning! The game is easy to start out with and understand, but you need to invest a great deal of time to really get familiar with all the tricks and strategies to maximize your potential!
Gameplay features:
The atmosphere of the good old Bomberman game.
The gameplay is easy to get into but hard to master.
Character customization possibilities with an in-game shop that you use virtual currency for.
“Friends” game mode with a private lobby and leaderboard.
You will earn experience points and virtual coins for each battle.
Small maps focused and designed around the quick and intensive game experience.
A waiting room with some monsters to practice on while waiting for other players to fight against.
The game works both on mobile and desktop browsers. On mobile, you can choose either portrait or landscape mode, depending on whichever you feel more comfortable with.
For computer: Use WASD or the arrow keys to move and press the space button to plant a bomb.
For mobile: Swipe and hold to move in any given direction and tap on the bomb icon to plant a bomb.
The longer a battle lasts with all bricks destroyed, the faster monsters get. Also, the next waves of monsters are more frequent, making it much harder to survive.
The most beneficial tactic in the short term is killing other players, but you can ally with other players and try to survive as long as possible. For each monster you kill, you get experience points and virtual currency, and you can exchange them later in the shop for fancy skins.
Beware, a random bonus might have an unpredictable effect! These can include negative effects like slow-down or no bombs for a while. However, it's worth the risk to try and take a bonus with a question mark sign, because your chances of getting a positive effect are double that of your chances of getting a negative one. Also, the positive effects last longer than negative ones.
A speed-up bonus is one of the most useful ones, but, in the beginning, it's hard to control. You can try to run over other players and hold the bomb key to block and kill them, but keep in mind that it's not a silver bullet.
When you are under the slow-down bonus, the best thing to do is focus on surviving and planting bombs in strategic places to block other players.
The most effective bonus near the end of the game is the upgrade to your explosion range. Even with only a few bombs, you can surprise other players and kill dozens of monsters in one blast. That's why you should aim for collecting this bonus if you think the game will last to the point where there are no bricks left on the map. The extra bomb bonus is also beneficial, but it might be hard to control if you get the bombing spree bonus.
Monsters’ behaviour is random, and they can change the direction of their movement at any moment.
You can fight your friends and create a private lobby you control in the "Play with Friends" mode.

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