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Familiars.io is a free IOGame.
Welcome to the cool, retro, massively multiplayer, monster catcher game! Fulfill your childhood dreams of playing a game like the original Pokemon games, but in an easy-to-enter, massively-multiplayer, PVP-enabled world!
Gameplay features
Turn-based battles
Truly online PVP monster battles
Big world to explore
Low "barrier to entry" to be competitive
Original soundtrack
This game can be played keyboard-only, mouse-only, or even touchscreen-only. It works in both desktop and mobile browsers.
For mobile/mouse:
Swipe and hold in a direction to move
Tap the screen to interact with menus
For keyboard:
Arrow keys to move and navigate menus
Z or Space to confirm
X to cancel, or open the field menu
Use "BALL" to catch new Familiars and add them to your team!
Careful; if a Familiar's HP reaches 0, it's gone forever!
Find items lying around the world map to heal your Familiars!
Open your menu and say "howdy" to other players!
Familiars gain a level after every battle, and max out at level 15. Getting a fully maxed-out party doesn't take too long!
Once your party is maxed out, engage in an exciting PVP battle! Enable PVP in your menu, and seek out other red-colored players!
You may drop off familiars at your private "resort" and then pick them up later. Enter your resort through the menu.
Be on the lookout for rare Familiars!

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