Sign in to rate this game is a free iogame. Get ready for a  fast-paced jump and gun roguelike for the browser. This is a game like you've never seen before. In this game there is literally nowhere to go but up, so jump, stick out your tongue, and blast your way through endless waves of bad guys, badder guys, and even some good guys. is a fun, free game that will have you reaching towards the sky and moving on up in as fun a way as possible.
The game supports an adventure mode, where you ride a frog and wield big guns while trying to survive and climb back to the surface. As you go higher, you unlock new powers, guns, challenges and fight difficult bosses.
With huge hops, a frog tongue that works as a hookshot, and weapons that can blast you away - frogiddy challenges players to find their own way of bouncing, smashing and blasting around the screen.
The weapon system in allows you to combine different components to change how your weapon behaves. More damage? Constant-fire? You got bouncy bullets, weapon propulsion, explosions & more.
In you play it your way - farm upgrades for your next frog life, or sacrifice your froggy life in exchange for additional bonuses and try to flawless bosses.
Your climb is generated from tons of handcrafted challenges, and will constantly change as you unlock more items and content.
The game is in active development - guns, items, enemies & more are being continuously added. Think you have a cool idea? It could make it into the game!

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