Ice Party

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Ice Party is a free IOGame. Welcome to a 3D multiplayer race where up to 10 people race to the finish line. The controls are simple: Left and right arrow keys. But try not to fall off the platform or hit the cones. Else you have to restart! this is a game that tests your ability to be fast,to last, and to devastate the rest of the competition/
If the timer runs out, then you will be awarded some points depending on how far % you went in the game. But try to get to the finish line before the timer runs out, to get more points!
You can enjoy our 40 maps, which are selected at random. You can invite all of your friends to have a private game party, or you can enjoy ice party in one of our public servers.
Ice Party is made by the developer of the chrome extension game ice dodo. In fact, it's a multiplayer version of it.

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