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Jammies.io is a free IOGame. Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Jammies.io This is a 2D top-down HTML5 game that uses gameplay mechanics similar to Splix.io. It is designed for desktop browsers in mind, and not optimized for phones or tablets.
Players will start out in a small slime puddle and must grow their territory until they have covered the entire forest with their slime. While you're trying to capture the territory of other slimes, keep a watchful eye on your own lands and defend if necessary.
There is no harm in bumping into obstacles or the boundary walls within the map. Obstacles can also be highly useful for strategic control or defense.
When outside of their territory, slime tails are visible and vulnerable. Don't let other slimes touch them. Stay close to your territory, and return as quickly as possible before another slime can reach your tail. Or, if you want to jam up other slimes, try to bump into their tail when they aren't looking.
Players can only move Up, Down, Left and Right. Use your Keyboard Arrow Keys or WASD.

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