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Jumpar.io is a free IOGame. Welcome to the world of Jumpar where you have to jump to survive, jump to kill and jump to live. This is an abstract platformer gamer where the players will be using their best parkour-style moved to outmaneuver their opponents and smash them from above. In this game, you increase your level by smashing smaller players but its not as simple as roaming around an open arena. In this game, you'll be seeking out enemies on a massive two-dimensional platform full of waterfalls, obstacles, high jumps, and tight squeezes. Jump up the walls, jump over the pits, jump through the waterfalls. Jump everywhere all of the time and do it with style as you land on the formless blobs of opposing characters. Absorb their essence to become the ultimate formless blob and blubber your way up the top of the leaderboard in this tactical and all original new IOGame. Jumpar.io is an io game about jumping. Who could've guessed? You play as a squishy blob, and you are able to hop around the map. To attack other players, you must jump from a tall height and land on top of them. This will cause them to pop, and their mass to shoot out in all directions.
How to Play Jumpar.io
Use your W, A, S, and D keys to move and jump around. You can tap W or Spacebar multiple times to double jump.
Jumpar.io Strategy
Always try to stay higher in elevation than other players. This makes it so that they cannot easily destroy you, but you can easily land on them.

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