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Laserbots is a free IOGame. This is an isometric 3rd person shooter where you play as a virtual robot in a virtual arena. Fight against other players in the PvP deathmatch mode or defend the base from the horde in the co-operative zombies mode.
Deathmatch Mode
8 player 2v2v2v2 with a 5 minute game length, player with the highest score wins. There are weapon, health and tower pickups around the map, so keep your eyes peeled.
Arena: Nowhere to hide and not far to run. Throw yourself into the grinder.
Zombies Mode
Up to 4 players on the same team all working together to protect the base from zombies. Killing a zombie will give you a point, which you can spend on deploying towers. Zombies will damage anything nearby when they die, so don’t let them get too close. Each wave will get harder and if your base takes 5 hits, you will lose. This game mode can get pretty tough, I’d suggest using towers… lots of them.
Corridor: Just a straight line between you and the zombies. Nice and simple.
Spiral: Work your way around the spiral as the waves progress. More strategic placement of towers can occur here (you’ll need it).
To switch maps you’ll have to wait for the end of a match, then you’ll be able to vote for a different map.
You can deploy towers that will automatically shoot nearby enemies for you. Towers are free to pick up in deathmatch mode but cost 5 points to pick up in zombies mode. After you’ve picked up a tower, move to a good spot then press the shoot button to deploy it. Towers can take damage, will slowly degrade and be destroyed. 
Shooting a weapon will cost energy, which will recharge automatically. 
Dual Laser: Your starting weapon. Constant, moderate damage.
Plasma Launcher: High splash damage. Great for clearing out mobs of zombies…
Beam Laser: Good single target damage with endless range.
Keyboard & Mouse
WASD to move around.
Move the mouse to aim.
Click to shoot.
Touchscreen (Experimental)
Drag in a direction to move.
Tap a location to shoot towards. Tapping an enemy will lock on and shoot.
Left analog stick to move around.
Right analog stick to aim.
Any button to shoot.
Why I made this game
I wanted to give babylon.js a go and try my hand at game dev. This game is a bizarre mixture of various inspirations: The control scheme is inspired by Alien Swarm, the robots theme is inspired by Futurecop: LAPD and the virtual aesthetic is from Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions. 
Yeah, I’m not quite sure what I was thinking either, but here it is.

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