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Leevz.io is a free survival iogame. This is a game about plants fighting each other and upgrading in order to be the best!
Choose between 3 different plants from a wide range of classes and level up into a more powerful plant!
When starting the game you can pick either a pansy (ranged), rose (melee) or mushroom (magic).
PANSY- Send seeds flying straight to your opponents!
ROSE- Equipped with military-grade thorns, you can pierce anything!
MUSHROOM- Surprise your enemies with a poison splash!
Gain XP by killing other players or by farming water drops, sunrays, fertilizers and insects.
When levelling up you can upgrade to a different plant, up to a giant tree!
Every plant has different abilities, making them different from one another and enhancing the combat.
Move with WASD and aim with the mouse.
Primary ability: Left click
Secondary ability: Right click or R
Special ability: E
Auto fire primary ability: T
Auto Spin: Y

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