Sign in to rate this game is a free iogame. Welcome to a first person multiplayer space shooter game with smooth graphics. Just enter your name, choose your spaceship, and hit that play button to enter into a world of moons and stars to battle against opponent ships. The controls are very simple, just drag to aim, click (or space) to shoot. The objective is very simple, get the highest possible score and increase your ranking on the iogame style leaderboard, and most importantly, have fun. When it comes to smooth graphics, fast gameplay, and legless multiplayer, is unlike any space shooter game. The match size is kept to about 20 players to provide maximum gameplay and when players are not online, realistic AI takes their place. also has gaming merch available. We also provide an amazing deal where there is an option in the game to unlock a more powerful laser if you view our merch. is available on Android and IOS as well! So What are you waiting for?

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