Sign in to rate this game is a free iogame. Are you ready for an epic battle? is a multiplayer fantasy game where you clash with monsters and other players to become the most powerful hero in the server. Build your character from hundreds of spells, weapons, and equipment, and fight your way through unique biomes… if you can survive the bosses. 
Complete challenges and explore the far reaches of the map in order to earn rewards and access unique skins.
What are you waiting for? Get into the fight! And don’t forget to invite friends…
DEFEAT BOSS MONSTERS: Can you slay the ultimate dragon boss? Each biome features unique enemies and bosses to challenge.
BUILD YOUR OWN CHARACTER: Choose from 100+ spells across 6 magical elements, swords, gear, and stats to create your very own custom build.
TOP THE LEADERBOARDS: Can you become the best player in all of mageclash?
COMPLETE CHALLENGES: Are you up to the task? Fill out your monster journal by encountering enemies; complete over a hundred challenges, and claim daily quests to unlock access to unique skins and rewards! 
How to play
Move: WASD or Arrow Keys
Aim: Mouse
Shoot: Left Mouse Button
Dash: Left Shift Button
Change selected spell: Keys 1-4
Pick up: F

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