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If you are having difficulties getting into the game, try a hard refresh (ctrl F5 in Chrome, Crtl Shift F5 in FireFox) to clear the old version out of the cache.
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Any and all feedback is really appreciated. Thanks.
Megachess is a many player turn-based strategy game based on classic chess!
Simply join the game and start playing.
Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel (or + and - on the keyboard)
Pan with the arrows or click and drag.
Escape opens the menu.
Rules are much like in normal chess with a few exceptions.

Instead of a normal turn, turns are timed at 25 seconds each.

Pawns are omnidirectional (but can still only take diagonally.)

Bishops can, once per piece, move horizontally or vertically 1 square (because they start on the same colour)

You don't have to actually make a move like you do in real chess.

Checkmate doesn't mean you lose either, you must actually take a king (or have your king taken) to beat a player.

When you take a king you get all the pieces that the king once ruled over and thus you can grow a mighty and powerful army!

During your turn, you can move a minimum of 4 times (each time with a separate piece) and up to a maximum of 16 times – receiving an extra move for every 4 pieces you gain over the initial 16 you are given.

En Passant and Castling are not part of this game.

Pawns can not be promoted in this game either. First, because the edge of the board is so far away and secondly because pieces can be acquired by other means.

At the top of the screen is the turn clock. It cycles from black to white, when its white all the light coloured pieces can move and when its dark all the darker pieces move. Be careful trying to get that last turn in or your pieces might be knocked off the board when the other team starts moving.

Scores are as follows.
Capturing a king is worth 100 points + 100 for the piece.
Queens are worth 50.
Bishops 25.
Rooks 30.
Knights 20.
Pawns 10.
Players also receive 1 point per turn if they are alive at the end of that turn.
As a player, you will be put on either the black or white team, but your pieces will be given a random colour to help identify you and other players.
One team is a sort of brushed metal and the other is more alabaster. One is light and the other is dark. The should be easy to tell apart. 
Movement is simple: Click on a piece you wish to move and if it is your turn, you have moves to spare, and that piece hasn't already moved that turn all the squares where it can move to will light up. Simply click on a highlighted tile to move, or click anywhere else to deselect.
This project is new and I don't publish things very often but if people start playing it I plan to add a few features that you might be interested in. Primarily I'll be adding statistics and user accounts so you can keep track of how good you are and other interesting statistics.
If you have any problems with the game you can get in touch at [email protected]
Also, I know that this game has a few bugs with Firefox, which I'll be working on now. But its fully tested and working in Chrome and Chrome on android. (tested on a Samsung s8+)

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