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MineFighters.club is a free Minecraft style game. In this game, you click to collect, upgrade, build and destroy. If you want to dominate the leaderboard as well as take over the battlefield you'll have to move fast, think quick and fight hard. Don't believe us? Well, give it a try for yourself. The game drops you right into the middle of the action and you're free to smash, bash, and build to your hearts content.
Mouse to move
Left-click to attack
Right-click to sprint
How to play:
When you are small, pickup apples, melon and steak to levelup. As you get bigger its important to also attack players in order to become bigger. To escape from someone use your sprint, but be aware that it takes up energy and can use up your score for leveling up. Make sure you dont run out!
Score is based on how much food you pick up, aswell as how many enemies you kill. For each enemy you kill you will get 50 score and for each food you eat you will get between 1 and 3 score, so when you are bigger its much more efficient to kill enemies. 
As you become bigger you will also become slower and be able to view more of the map, so a small fast player can sometimes kill a poor player even if he is a higher level.
The order of evolutions is:
Pig Chicken Cow Sheep Villager Wolf Spider Zombie Creeper Enderman Herobrine
If you get to herobrine you are truly a great gamer, but can you get on top of the leaderboard?
The scores required for each level up are 100 250 400 600 800 1000 1700 2100 2500 2900
Start as a pig and progress through the levels. See if you can become herobrine!
Test different strategies and see what works.
An easy way to increase your score is to attack players from the side without the weapon, so they will have to first turn and face you, then swing their weapon. meanwhile you will have killed them!
In general, its least risky to attack smaller players and avoid larger ones. Once you reach a high level you can control the arena by killing all the larger players. 
Share the game on facebook and twitter to change you trail color.
This game is based on Minecraft from mojang, but doesnt use any of their art assets, everything is made originally
So what are you waiting for? jump into this minecraft adventure!

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