Nuke Zone!

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Nuke Zone is a multi-player tank game. Destroy the enemy team's base & lead your CyberTank team to victory in this fast-paced, multiplayer, first-person arena shooter! Level up and unlock cybertronic new gear as you obliterate, incinerate, and detonate your way through enemy players... Welcome to the Nuke Zone!
Game Features:
Heart pounding futuristic first-person CyberTank battles!
Use your Keyboard to control your tank and blast your opponents (no mouse necessary)
Collect Xperience Points (XP) for causing damage, exploding tanks and destroying the enemy base.
Level up to unlock powerful new gear and unique tank types.
Become the Nuke Champion!
WASD - Move up, down, turn left and right
Left Arrow - Strafe Left
Right Arrow - Strafe Right
Attack - Space
Ability - Left Shift
These can all be changed from the menu

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