Sign in to rate this game is an action-packed multiplayer io game. You must collect bullets that are scattered around the map. The bullets serve both as your weapon and as your shield. Aim wisely and have fun! 
You control a nullermand, and pick up dust to protect yourself or shoot the other players!
You can kill others by shooting them or going melee!
Your HP are your bullets! The more you pick, the harder is to kill you! You can pick up to 10 Dust.
But be aware, the more you have, the slower you move!
You choose: Be fast and nimble or slow and hard?
Play hide and seek, or play Rambo like!?
Simple 2D graphics
Bullet system
Various skin options
Melee atacks
Web browser (desktop and mobile). We also have the Android version.
WASD to Move Left Click to Shoot

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