Sign in to rate this game is a free 2-D shooter game. In this exciting game, you combine the addicting and powerful worlds of slither with asteroids. This is a simple and fun top-down shooter game that combines the best elements of all free arena games. This is a top-down shooter game in 2-D where you are the pilot of a spaceship who has to avoid asteroids and other pilots who are armed to the teeth with laser-powered weapons and are absolutely on the hunt for a pilot like you to take down and destroy. Blow up asteroids to gain resources. The more asteroids you gain and the large, faster, and more powerful your laser canons will become.
Nullstar is a casual game without any complicated menus or ship upgrade paths, which makes it easy to pick up.
There are multiple servers online and players can join from anywhere in the world.
You can also play in a solo practice mode vs AI ships.
There is no sound.
Use keyboard controls (WADS or arrows) to steer your ship through a dangerous asteroid field.
Collect "stardust" crystals to power your ship. 
Destroy the asteroids (using Space or Shift) to release more stardust.
Hyperspace away from danger using the H key.
Your ship is equipped with:
Auto-upgrade uses stardust to make your ship grow bigger and stronger
Auto-repair uses stardust to repair damage
Basic gun to mine asteroids (or defend from native UFOs or other ships)
Emergency hyperspace to escape to a random place
Interia-less drive to navigate free from gravity
Mine the asteroids to increase your ship's size and score.
Some asteroids are too big too mine when you first start out.
The bigger your ship, the greater your capabilities. There are some parts of the game that are accessible only to the largest ships.
Note that while fighting other ships is certainly an option, it's not required. Cooperation is also a viable strategy.
Ships that have proven to be friendly, will be marked with a "heart" icon.
Ships that act overly-aggressively will be identified with a "devil".
The game is endless, and there is no set goal other than to be the biggest ship.

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