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OrbitWar.space is a team-based 2D shooter io game where you battle it out in an arena.
When you first enter the arena, nothing can kill you for the first 10 seconds, or until you move or shoot. Asteroids, photons, and other players will simply pass right through you.
The goal of the game is to get to the top of the leaderboard and stay there as long as possible.
Points are scored by...
Shooting a player (1 point)
Killing a player (10 points)
Your ship is equipped with a shield that protects you from collisions with photons and other players. The stronger your shield, the brighter it will appear.
Shoot asteroids to increase your shield.
Collision with a photon reduces your shield by up to 10 units.
Collision with another player reduces your shield by the amount of shield that the other player has, instantly killing the player with the weaker shield, or both players.
The player that survives a collision with another player will get 10 points for the kill.
Asteroids move in a constant direction and cannot be destroyed. They also provide energy for your shield.
Shoot asteroid to increase shield.
Shoot asteroid to change its direction.
Collision with asteroid will change its direction, but also kill you instantly.
The Battlefield
The battlefield consists of a number of Sectors, which can be used to locate other players.
The battlefield is "circular", meaning that if you go for long enough in the same direction, you will eventually come back to where you started.
Each time a player enters the battlefield, all players are alerted of the Sector appears in.
A battlefield can only hold a certain number of players. Once that number is reached, no one else will be able to join that battlefield until someone drops off. There can be multiple battlefields running simultaneously.
The Super Weapons
At any given time, there are a number a super weapons on the Playfield. Each looks like a Photon with a shield surrounding it. Each super weapon will have a different color shield.
Green: HomingPhoton. This weapon replaces the regular Photon gun that you start out with, and stays with you until you are killed or leave the game. The Photons are much more powerful and will target the nearest enemy.
Purple: PlasmaBomb. This weapon does not replace your current gun. It will damage or destroy anything within a certain radius. Press your Bomb Key ("S" or Down Arrow) to drop the PlasmaBomb. Only one PlasmaBomb can be carried at a time, but a new one appears on the Playfield when you detonate the one you have.
Yellow: Cloaking Device. This weapon makes you invisible to all players and bots who are not on your team. Your shield will turn yellow when you are in possession of the Cloaking Device. Use it to sneak up on others before blowing them to bits.
Red: MegaShield. Grab this to instantly max out your shield to the highest level possible. MegaShield enables you to ram your opponents into oblivion. Shoot asteroids to replenish your shield. When you get killed, your shield goes back to normal.

Only one of each type of Super Weapon will be on the Playfield at any time.
Grab a Super Weapon by flying into it.
More weapons will be added in the future!
Team Play!
Join or create a team by entering a Team Code before you start playing.
Players using the same Team Code will not be able to hurt each other.
If you have the CloakingDevice, people on your team will still see you but no one else can.
If you enter a Team Code, it will be displayed in square brackets next to your name. For example, if your name is "Bob" and your Team Code is "XY", then your name will be displayed as "[XY]Bob"
In the above example, no one using the Team Code "XY" will be able to hurt or crash into you.
There is no Team score. Each player scores their own points.
Try to get as many Team members on the leaderboard as possible!
The Leaderboard
The player with the most points will appear at the top of the leaderboard.
Team Players will be able to see the location of their Team Members who are on the leaderboard, next to their score.

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