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Outlive.ai is a free IOgame. Welcome to the incredibly creepy world of Outlive.ai, a game where you are a wormy little snake who is trying to stay alive and outslink the competition. It is one heck of a game and might seem a little familiar, but don't be fooled. Outlive.ai an all-original take on the classic snake concept. Outlive.ai is an incredibly fast-paced multiplayer game building on top of the classic snake concept, but bringing brand-new mechanics and power-ups. Your goal is surviving as long as possible by avoiding increasingly challenging bots and other players. We challenge you to outlive other players and become the biggest snake in the room. Good luck trying to outlive the AI though, rumor has it that this feat has never been accomplished!
How to play
You begin the game as a tiny little snake, but will soon grow larger if you manage to stay alive. Sounds easy? Well, good luck! Enemy bots will spawn like crazy, and target you to the best of their abilities.
Be careful with the gray squares as they make you slower. Also, run like hell from the purple bots: they move faster and will catch up to you much more easily. If possible, try not to panic. Besides not panicking, many players have also found power-ups to be helpful (see the "Controls" section).
You may try to entrap other players if you'd like. But we're pretty sure you'll be busy enough just trying to survive. Survival is the whole point of the game, after all.
Use arrow keys (or WASD) to move.
Press 1-3 for power-ups.
Temporarily speed up
Temporarily freeze nearby bots
Destroy nearby bots

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