Sign in to rate this game is a 2D Shooter IO game giving you a bunch of amusing hours as well as nice challenges to conquer. Just step into this game arena now then prove all of your skills to the whole world. You have to aim and shoot paint at the enemies in your sight by using your gun, collect food to earn your experience, fuel, increase your points so that you can upgrade your stats.
How to Play
When you spawn in the arena, you will start moving around the map with your gun. Try to be always on the lookout for the surroundings because the other opponents can shoot you from afar anytime. Besides the real enemies, you will catch sight of some uncommon characters while moving around, such as monsters and triangles. Don’t be hesitant to shoot them down because you will earn a lot of experience from those kills. Try to kill and shoot anything that stands in your pathway while attempting to defend yourself all the time. Around the map are numerous colored foods which can be collected! You have to eat them as much as possible so that you can charge your power, grow experience and points. Then, you can spend points on upgrading the stats, such as bullet damage, attack damage, max fuel, fuel regen, body armor, max health point, health point regen and movement speed. These improved stats will get you stronger than ever. You can see that there is a bar on the left side displaying the amount of your fuel. The bar color will be the same as the color of your character. You should keep an eye on this fuel bar during the battle. When it’s almost empty, you must quickly refill it by eating the food, or else you won’t have enough paint to kill the rivals. Just like other IO games, the general goal of is to dominate the leaderboard, which means that you must survive longer so you can reach the top! Strategy
For the movements of your character, you need to use arrow keys or keys W,A,S,D, while you can shoot at the enemies by using the left mouse button. Try to pick up food and kill the monsters for more experience, and XP.

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