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Polygun.io is a free 2D top-down shooter game. In this retro-inspired game, you'll use geometric tanks that evolve with your experience to become faster, more powerful, and excruciatingly deadly. This is a game of reflexes, strategy, and luck as you grind your way through an arena filled with polygons. Some of which are enemies that fight back and some of which are simply there to provide you with a nominal percentage of experience points which you can save up to eventually buy upgrades. The upgrades are in a tiered format and let you boost your attack, speed, and armor values. You get to choose between three different upgrades for each tier that you make it to.
The battle is settled in a circular arena where you will find small geometric figures that you can destroy to earn XP and evolve. These small figures also give a small amount of health so you can use it to heal yourself faster.
You will also face other players in the arena, you have to be careful from the advanced players and make you way up in the evolution tree.
The evolution tree
You will see the progress for the next evolution in the bottom part of the screen when you are able to evolve a screen will appear asking you what upgrade you want to choose, choose wisely because the upgrades you choose will change the ones you can choose next.
To explore the evolution tree use the button in the bottom right of the main menu.
How to play
On the desktop, you can use WASD to move and the cursor to aim. To fire, you can click and release fast or hold click to auto-fire.
On mobile, you can use the joysticks that appear on the bottom of the screen. The left joystick (the gray one) allows you to move and the right joysticks (the red one) will let you aim and fire.
If you register with social accounts, your progress will be saved, you will appear in the leaderboard and have your own dedicated page with your stats!
You can find the official leaderboards for multiple time frames (all-time, monthly, weekly, daily) and multiple categories (total kills, most survived) over https://polygun.io/leaderboards. Compete and become the top one of all time in one or all categories!

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