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These animals love to draw, and they're really creative! Join them for a fun and challenging competition in! 
Team up with one of over 50 adorable animals and take a seat beside their drawing board in this io game. You’ll be playing against other gamers from all around the world. Will you be able to correctly guess what they’re making? Will they be able to figure out your drawings? It’s time to find out! 
How to Play is a cute and competitive drawing game. You’ll get to take turns while you challenge other players. If you correctly guess their drawings, you'll earn lots of points! There's also private matches if you would rather just challenge your friends. 
Game Controls 
- Mouse
USE THE MOUSE to choose brushes, colors, and more. 
LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to use them when it's your turn to draw. 
- Keyboard 
USE THE KEYBOARD to type in guesses for each drawing.

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