Sign in to rate this game is a competitive snake-inspired game. You play a mythical monster living in depths of seas, fighting for survival among others of its kind. 
Devour aquatic beings (fish, plankton orbs) to grow longer and larger. 
The greater your mass is, the greater threat you are to other sea dragons. 
Fulfill quests to earn new cards presenting different sea dragon species.
The controls are simply: 

Move your mouse cursor to lead your dragon’s direction, 

Click or hold Left Mouse Button to sprint. 

Just remember - sprinting reduces your mass. Use it wisely. 
Your body’s length is key to survival. The longer you are, the wider are your possibilities on getting other dragons in a trap. But be careful - regardless of mass you achieve, avoid colliding your head with others’ bodies. Single impact means defeat. 
Collect cards to unlock new species and level up owned ones. The higher is level of your favourite dragon, the longer body you start with.

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