Sign in to rate this game is a fun arena game. Everyone loves to say there are plenty of fish in the sea but what they don't mention is that many of those fishes are vicious. You may think you're fast, you may think you're big and powerful but as a wise old Jedi once said: "there's always a bigger fish." Perhaps with patience, practice, and skill that bigger fish will be you. In you're either big or you're dead. Increase your size and speed by gobbling up plankton and smaller bottow dwelling fish then use your increased size to hunbt down and gobble up other playres. It's a shark eat shark world in this 2-D arena game.  Use your smarts, your reflexes and a little luck to become the biggest shark in the water in this epic online multiplayer game. Try to grow your shark as you battle against all of the other sharks in the sea. Eat the smaller sharks as you try to grow to the biggest shark on the leaderboard. Have fun with
Use your mouse to navigate your shark through the arena.
Avoid bigger sharks, obstacles, and try to gobble up as much plankton as you can.

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