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You find yourself stranded in a mysterious town. Bad luck, it's infected with zombies. There's only one solution for you... SHOOT'EM ALL!
Build a base or squash the zombies with your vehicle.
Team up with your friends or fight the other survivors
Unlock bonus, ammunition, turrets, landmines...
What's your high score gonna be?
Don't get too close to them, or they'll attack you
If you shoot or enter in a car, zombies will hear you and will chase you
Find items on the ground or by destroying houses
Each 100 zombies killed, you can unlock an upgrade or a new building
If your car is stuck, remember to drift (Shift)
Be sure you have enough oil to drive a car
If you don't shoot for a certain time, zombies will stop chasing you
COMMANDS - You can change the commands on the Settings Button
Movement: W, A, S, D / Z, Q, S, D or Arrow keys
Shoot:  Left click
Place a building:  Right click / B
Interact: SPACE
Run / Drift in car: Shift
Change weapon: Number / Click on it/ Mouse Wheel
Change building: Click on it (bottom right)
You can team up with your friends by sharing the link on the button "Team with your friends".

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