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Don't let the name fool you, Slime isn't a gross excretion by an alien overlord: It's a fun multiplayer volleyball, soccer, and hoops simulator. In Slime.LOL, you will go one on one in a game of volleyball, soccer, or hoops armed with only your numberd or W,A,S,D pad and a limited use power shot. You'll be pitted against a grinning opponent who is hell bent on knocking you out of the league. Spike your way up the leader board as you parry, dodge, power hit, and penatly kick and dominate the competition. This game has a realistic  physics engine that lets you understand, anticipate and reasonably respond to the way the ball bounces.
If you pay attention, then in time you will learn to know where it will go when you hit it at a certain angle. This rewards long term players who are paying attention and using their brains as well as their reflexes to outsmart, outspike, and out play their opponents. You must also make judicious use of your "power shot" a type of shot that gives you faster, more powerful serves, strikes and shots.  Used sparingly this will surprise your opponents and might just give you a surprise point. You can also use the number pad to customize the way you look. Use your emotions to fool your opponent.
Game controls / How to play:
WASD or ARROWS: move
SPACE: jump
SHIFT: power shot
NUMBER 1-4: emote (must have face equipt)
What is there to do Slime?
Volley, Soccer, Hoops Modes
Up to 4v4 Play
Players May Vote Pre-Game for Modifiers (e.g. Ball Size: Big)
Match Winner Earns +100 coin per game
Chance of Item Drops for Match Winners
4096 Possible Item Colors
Customize your Slime's appearance
Watch / Wager on Live Matches
Browse The Market (frequent new items)
Emote in game (keyboard number: 1 happy/ 2 sad/ 3 angry/ 4 shocked)
Pull the Slot Machine
Play with a Gamepad
Que for Ability Mode (equip items provide stat buffs)
Create a Squad where you can team up with friends
Achievement system based unlockables
Premium User Access
Que for Ranked Play (earn new titles)
Place on the Hiscores
Squads larger than two players
Set up Private Matches against friends
Luck Based Stat Rolls when items Drop
(Access to rarity above unusual: remarkable / extraordinary / legendary)
How is ability mode different than standard?
The default mode, ability mode, takes advantage of user equips to upgrade your slime. When you win matches, there is a chance to earn equiptable items which have unique stats. For example, if an item drops with +10 Size, your slime will be larger! The higher the rarity of the items that drop, the better the stats. At the very high levels it is also possible to receive actual abilities, such as a double jump. Standard play does not use any stat modifiers.
How do I make a squad, and what is it?
Squads are essentially a team, where you can battle with friends on your side! In order to make a squad you must register an account. Select the MENU button on the top-left of the screen and create an account. Then select the CHAT ICON from the top-left, add your friend by username, and send an invite!
How does premium work?
Premium is a single time $5 purchase. Users who purchase premium will have it for life. No more adverts. Access to higher teir content. This is the equivelent of purchasing the game. A big thanks for supporting the developers.
Is there a battle royale mode?
Not at the moment. Should the game show promise based on the amount of traffic we have, this will be up for consideration.
I see MTX, is this game Pay to Win?
Everything that benefits players through purchases can also naturally be acquired in game. Additionally, hardcore players may opt for the standard mode. In this mode there is no advantage to equipted gear. We have microtransactions because it is the industry leading model for success. There is not enough revenue generated by ads or premium sales alone to offset the costs of our servers. We aim to make Slime as fair as possible, for all players.

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