Sign in to rate this game is a slither style 3D game. In you'll be building up the length and strength of your bus in order to swallow up hopeless commuters on their way to and from work. Get big and get slithering in this sneaky game of bus based tactics and strategy. This is a 3-d style game that you'll get addicted to and never want to stop playing. The animation is great, the mechanics are great, and the game will grow on you. How to play? Management is very simple and intuitive. It depends on your device (PC or Mobile)
A - Left
D - Right
Space - jump
F - Nitro
G - invisible
The point of the game: You get a mini-bus, you have a goal: Collect as many passengers as possible while improving your bus. Compete, because bus drivers are your enemies. They can cut, crash into you, from this you can break and start all over again! Be sure to get into the top 1. On the map there are bonuses (nitro and invisibility), thanks to which you can quickly and safely collect passengers, as well as easily kill your competitor.
Bus upgrade system:
- First level, players initially get a simple model - up to 100 points, it is slow.
- The second bus is the average, standard bus - up to 300 points, it is faster.
- The third bus is an American bus - from 700 points, the maximum speed. When you upgrade

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