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STARBOMBA is a battle royale bomberman, with up to 100 players (currently 10, still in alpha) fighting to survive. Choose your hero and explode enemies until there is only one!
Earth has been destroyed, and all races around the galaxy fight to find their new home, bringing destruction all around the universe. Be ready!
Be the last one standing!
Put bombs, avoid traps, be smart and skilful, dangers are everywhere...
How to play?
Move your hero and put bombs, collect items to be stronger and kill your opponents.
* Arrow keys to move
* Space to put a bomb
* Control to use items
You can change the controls in settings, gear icon in upper right corner.
Be careful!
* Map will regularly shrink
* Deadly traps are everywhere
Avoid team fights at first and try to pick some important items to have more powerful bombs.
With some flames and bombs items, you can harass your opponents.
If you take some speed (lightning item) you’ll avoid more easily enemy bombs
The best item is the teleport one (looks like a rainbow). It will teleport you to a random position on the map, and thus you’ll be able to escape deadly situations!
Use the shrinking border to push enemies to dangerous situations, and try to stay close to the center.
Good luck, heroes!

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