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Sworm.io is a modern Slither-like IO game with sophisticated graphics and several distinguishing features. You can zoom view in and out. You can watch other players while they play Sworm.io by choosing "Spectate" mode. You can cut other player's worms (or your own). There is global Top-1000 list of best of the best Sworm.io players on the website. And the cherry on top: you can have not just a single worm, but a whole swarm of worms!
How to Play Sworm.io
1. Direct your worms with your mouse pointer. In Sworm.io you can control multiple worms!
2. Hold the left mouse button or “W” key to activate Speed Boost.
3. Hold the right mouse button or “Space” key to cut other worms (or your own).
4. Scroll mouse wheel to zoom in and out. View distance will automatically increase as your worm grows bigger.
5. You will get a personal achievement URL for your results after the game is over, don't forget to share it with your friends. Achievement URL is protected from cheating!
Sworm.io Strategy
1. Eat food to grow bigger.
2. Don't bump into other player's worms or your worms will die.
3. Eat bugs and pick up shield bonuses to armor your worms. Nobody can cut armored worm!
4. Pick magnet bonus to temporary increase consume distance. Pick worm bonus to add newbie worm into your swarm of worms.
5. Cut other worms if they ain't armored! Divide et impera!

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