Terrorist Town

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Trouble in Terrorist Town is a team-based io game where you must use your detective skills to find the traitor. 
*6+ Players Recommended
Welcome to TTT.io!
Trouble in Terrorist Town, or TTT for short, is similar to murder mystery whereby you must identify the traitor who is terrorising the town and kill them! Among the town, you have detectives with special items to help the innocents survive. However, the detective does not know who the innocents or traitors are! Trusting innocents can be costly so you must be careful. Traitors must secretly, or not, kill all the remaining innocents of the town within the time limit with help from other fellow traitors. Traitors also have special items to buy, so keep your eyes peeled for them! The goal is to survive, can you?
WASD or Arrow keys to move 
Left Click to use item 
NUM Keys to select item and Q to drop item 
SPACE to dash or spectate another player 
E to open shop
An Innocent is the only role without a shop to buy special items. What you must do instead is help find the Traitors. It helps as an innocent to not start randomly shooting as this can loosen the trust between you and other innocents, this make it more difficult for the innocents to win. Try to gain the trust of the Detective early on and form a group of people that you know are confirmed innocents. You can do this by going to the traitor tester located somewhere on the map to identify the role of the player that enters it. Being in a group and sticking together highly increases the chance to win.
A Detective is a role where you are much like the leader of the innocents and must take control of the situation. Your name turns blue when you are a Detective which helps Innocents and Traitors alike to identify you, this makes you a valuable target. Try to get people to go in the traitor tester and make notes of which player is innocent so you know who not to kill. If someone refuses to go in the tester, they are most likely a Traitor. Try to position yourself safely in the map as dying too early as a Detective could punish the innocents. Killing traitor will grant you an extra credit to spend in the shop! You can use these credits for yourself or give items to fellow innocents to boost their chances to survive.
A Traitor must use careful planning to take out all the innocents. Try not to draw a lot of attention too early as this will make you an obvious target. It maybe best to pick off the innocents that wonder on their own while also trying to find the other traitors so you can work together taking out the groups that could have been formed. Avoid using the traitor tester if necessary and only kill the detective if you are in a good position to do so. Some items in your shop are unique to your role, so by using them, innocents will know who you are.

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