Unfair Mazes

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This is a multiplayer turn-based puzzle strategy game. There’s a two or four player mode. Or if nobody else is playing online, you can play against bots in Single Player mode. Try to navigate your way through the board the smartest way possible. Get your player piece to the goal at the opposite corner of the board before your opponent gets to their goal. 
On your turn you get to make two moves, or more if you have saved moves from a previous turn. Rotating a Wall, Advancing or Advancing an Opponent will cost you one move.
Rotating Walls
You make a path to your goal by rotating any of the eight walls around your player piece. You rotate a wall by clicking it. You cannot rotate a wall if it is occupied by any player. There are two wall types which are passageways or diagonals.
A vertical passageway when rotated turns into a horizontal passageway and vice versa. A diagonal wall when rotated will move its ends to the opposite corners of the cell.
The direction of your player piece is indicated by the direction it is pointing at. When you advance, the player piece will enter the next cell and then indicate the side it will be exiting the cell from. The exit direction will be determined by configuration of the wall in the cell. When the exit of a cell is blocked you stay in that cell but your exit will be changed to the side that you entered it on.
Advance Opponent
When an opponent is on your cell or one of the eight surrounding the cell you are on, you can advance your opponent. You do this to inconvenience them by making them travel in an undesirable direction away from their goal. On most boards players will have to cross each other's path so the opportunity to play this move may be crucial to victory.
End Turn
You can save your moves for another turn by ending your turn early. You can only save up to 10 moves. At the end of your turn you receive two moves for your next turn. These are given at the end of your turn so that your opponents can see how many moves you have saved. Saved moves are indicated by the number on your player piece. Your turn ends automatically when all moves have been used.
You can resign from the game early when you realise that you can’t get to your goal before your opponent can get to theirs.
Timed Moves
You have 20 seconds to make a move. When a move is made the 20 second timer resets. If you do not move in time, your turn will end but your moves will be saved for your next turn.
Game Over
The game is over once the first player gets to their goal. You can also win if all of your opponents have resigned and you are the last one left. Finally the game is over if all players have 10 saved moves each. Nobody wins in this scenario.
The decisions you make depends on your starting position and board you get. The boards are randomly generated and unbalanced so sometimes you may get an unfair board. Every board is possible to complete but if you get a difficult board, you'll need to try to sabotage your opponents by getting close to them and then advancing them in the wrong direction. You may want to save your moves so you can make a final dash to the goal or maybe you’ll want to cross over your opponents path before they can cross yours.
Good luck and have fun.

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