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WarCall.io is a battle royale game set in a dark-fantasy world full of vilain fighters, cunning vagabonds and daredevils, who fight for being the first among one hundred and one. 
Choose one out of 10 different champions, each offering different playstyle, thanks to their unique and upgradable skills: rapid Rat, tough Golem, fierceful Dragon, cheeky Witch and more. 
Fight your opponents with 3 different attacks, including special attack skill, unique for each champion. 
Collect gold on the battlefield to earn experience and become stronger. Search for gemstones and runes to upgrade your abilities and improve your performance with every match. 

Mouse cursor - use it to lead your direction

Left Mouse Button - click to attack; hold to prepare dash attack and release to execute

Right Mouse Button - use special attack skill


Collect gold to get more experience and level up,

Every level up increases your Health and Damage,

Kill enemies to take part of their gold,

Pick up boosts to heal yourself or temporarily increase your performance: damage, speed, resistance, vision, reach,

Destroy chests to find more gold, runes and gemstones,

Between matches, visit Equipment screen to spend gathered gold and resources for upgrades: weapon, armor, helmet, boots, gloves, belt, spaulders, ring and amulet,

Spend gold to unlock champions and make them available all the time, along with possibility of upgrading their Passive and Action skills,

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