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About is a mobile-friendly ragdoll-puzzle game with physics in which you must help Santa Clause get down from the pile of presents onto the floor. 
You can get the help of your trusty but slightly rabbid reindeers. They feature different behaviours so try to use the one that fits your situation, or just click to dismiss them.
* Extensive tutorial explaining how things work to get you going fast
* Finish over 30 levels of campaign spread between 2 threads (2 ways to finish)
* Create maps for friends to play
* Play other people's maps and prove that you can figure out the puzzle
* Hoard reindeers and summon them for a brawl
Join the Winter land and get Santa the hell down!
How to Play
Mouse cursor or Tap - destroy the platform
Left key - summons a reindeer from the left
Right key on the screen - summons a reindeer from the right Strategy
Take your time and remember what platforms you destroyed and the outcome, use the reindeers when you're in a sticky situation but be careful since they're pretty chaotic (dumb animals you know...)

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