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YoHoHo.io is a brutal battle royale io game. In this pirate themed fight to the death you'll start off as a simple level 1 character who barely knows how to swing their sword. With time and experience you will slowly begin to level up, each new level grows you a little bit and makes your swings more powerful. You won't become immune to the attacks of lower level characters, however they will have a harder time destroying you than someone of the same level or higher. As you battle there are also gold coins scattered throughout the map. Collect as much as you can, after you are defeated you'll be sent to a store screen which allows you to upgrade your character and customize the way they look, as well as unlock cool things like weapons, and pets. This is a tactical arena battle game for only the hardiest of souls. Will you win? Will you lose? It all comes down to how you play the game. 
How to play
Collect doubloons to get bigger
Kill other players to collect their booty
Survive longer to level up and discover the new islands
Buy new characters with your doubloons to become more powerful
Mouse: Controls movement
Left mouse button: attack

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