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ZombiesWithGuns.io is a deathmatch game where you play as a gun-wielding zombie!
How to play
The player with the most kills wins the round. Eat other players' brains to gain a shield that blocks damage. Be sure to aim down sights to improve gun accuracy, and fire short bursts if your target is far away. 
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Controls: keyboard (required), mouse recommended
You may rebind your controls in-game, but the default controls are:
W - forward
A - left
S - backward
D - right
Shift - aim down sights + move quietly (for those without a mouse)
Spacebar - jump, and gain speed
Left click - shootRight click - aim down sights + move quietly
If you are getting 60 FPS then you may be able to turn up the graphics settings to high.
Headshots do a lot more damage.
Aiming down sights is super important otherwise the bullet spread is wild!
Bunny hop: Hold space and keep jumping to gain speed - but be careful guns are way less accurate in the air.
SMG - best recoil control, and usable on the move. It is not very good at long range, get in close range or fire tiny bursts at long range.
AK - high damage, high accuracy, and high recoil. Requires trigger discipline and aiming down sights for success.
Sniper - highest damage slow shots. Fatal headshot if your aim is good (or 2 shots if the player has shields). This gun is perfectly accurate while aiming down sights, but not good at all while hip firing.
Aiming down sights also makes you move slowly, which gives you silent footsteps for sneaking around.
If you fall in the water you will drown.

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